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'The Double-Bass'The Double Bass  Patrick Suskind's bitter-sweet homage to the double bass.  A fantastic, funny play.  Also available in German <links> 'Perfume'Perfume  A memorable and compelling novel by Patrick Suskind, in short, a magnificient baroque Parisian melodrama centred around perfumes and aromas.  Read the rave readers' reviews at
By the same author: The Pigeon.

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Do you have a favourite book about the bass?  If so, please let me know, and I will recommend it here.  Please say whether you would like me to credit you.


'The Contemporary Double Bass'The Contemporary Contrabass by Bertram Turetzky.  Guide to Advanced Modern Double Bass Techniques by Knut Guettler
Team Strings Double Bass by Christopher Bull, Barrie Turner (Editor)


Dragonetti in EnglandDomenico Dragonetti in England (1794-1846) : The Career of a Double Bass Virtuoso, by Fiona M. Palmer
The Baroque Double Bass Violone by Alfred Planyavsky, James Barket


Learning English

The Double Bass Mystery by Jeremy Harmer.  This is a murder mystery story set in Barcelona, aimed at children learning English as a foreign language. Also available as a cassette.

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